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Bericht  tonyx44 op vr 26 jun 2009, 02:13

Hi Gentlemen,

I recently purchased a Celeste and started to look around for parts. I was lucky enough to find a lot of used Celeste body parts fenders and hatches.. and small pieces that might make your project Celeste complete.

There are some new parts as well...

The only thing is that shipping to your country might be expensive. Don't worry... If it'll fit into my suitcase when I join a ship in EU then it'll be good, I can post it. Just like when I tried this...

But my baby started crying when I.... JUST KIDDING!!!!

I missed my baby when I was doing a contract

I work for a cruise ship as a sound engineer.

8 months later I got back and my baby now knows "Grolsch" "Heineken" "Red Stripe" "San Miguel" "Carlsberg" and "Coors light" - yeuuch!

Hope to see your rides.

send me pics of what you might need fellow enthusiast!!T
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